Moths of Africa
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Systematic and illustrated Catalogue of the Heterocera (Lepidoptera) of Africa


The series MOTHS OF AFRICA embraces an inventory of the Heterocera of Continental Africa, including the Mediterranean northern part, and its adjacent islands, including Madagascar. The books will be the result of broadly based studies of museum holdings and all available public and private collections during the last decades. As far as possible, specific identification will be based on the study and evaluation of the type specimens. Most species will be illustrated in colour, including male and female genitalia, and there will be other important information to give a strong foundation for accurate determination.

The illustrated hardcover books will be published from 2018, beginning with Biogeography/ Boletobiinae (Erebidae). Subsequent families and groups will be covered by an appropriate specialist author.


Team members:

Leif Aarvik, Norway

Ralf Fiebig, Germany

Barry Goater, England

Hermann H. Hacker, Germany

Knud Larsen, Denmark

Albert Legrain, Belgium

Michael Ochse, Germany

Alexander Schintlmeister, Germany

Hans-Peter Schreier, Germany

Wolfgang Speidel, Germany

Dirk Stadie, Germany

Alberto Zilli, England





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