Moths of Africa
Esperiana Bände 1-20
Esperiana Memoir 1-8
Fauna Levante
Indices Bände 1-20
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seit 2016

Beginning from vol. 18 (2013) and the date of publication of the complete volume each ESPERIANA paper will be available as free e-reprint (PDF) for download. The free download includes the natur of the publication, but usually not the full extend (excluding illustrations and plates).

Free and complete e-reprints (PDFs) can be given authors for personal use or exchange with other researchers, but not for deposition in a library/website/ftp-site for public access.

Open access for the complete paper is possible for authors who have paid a fee of 15 Euro per printed page to give free online access of their papers to all readers at the ESPERIANA site or their own site. 


PDFs of the paper of the volumes 1-17 and ESPERIANA Memoir 1-6 are restricted to summaries/abstracts, which are available for download on the respective page of the volume.

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